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Waveguide’s specialty is providing end-to-end fiber optic solutions including the engineering, project management, construction and maintenance of fiber optic networks for Fortune 500 network providers, wireless carriers, municipalities and campuses.

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We Know Fiber Optic Theory

When you hire Waveguide you don’t simply get a seamless fiber optic project manager. You get an industry leader who understands the fundamentals of fiber optic theory. From underground to aerial, local to long haul, we deliver your project on time. Plus, our high tech roots enable us to identify opportunities to save you money along the way.


Waveguide’s work ethic and quality of work is outstanding. They always remained in contact during the construction process. All permits issued to Waveguide for the City have met our standards and always passed inspections.
Public Works
Director, Public Works
City in MA
Waveguide has worked on several different projects within the Town, including trenching, building fiber networks, etc. and has met or exceeded all Town requirements. The company has kept all insurance and bond requirements current and continue to abide by all Town regulations.I can attest to their diligent work and communication throughout all the projects.
Town In Ma
Network Manager
Town in MA
The Waveguide team has continued to fill me with confidence. They are creative and competent. They have extraordinary focus and stamina. Their integrity and the quality of work are excellent at every level. The scope of our 750 milee project had been formidable and they managed every license, crossing, conduit, clamp, and contractor; every spool of fiber, every foot of strand, every splice, police-detail, every wage-report, tracker and spreadsheet; every invoice, every test report….they helped us report status in a hundred different ways, so we can understand it and so we can report to our grantors, superiors, and constituents. And they sustained my team’s reputation at several turns….. I extend to you my deepest thanks. I raise my glass in congratulations to us all. I salute you my rock-solid partners at Waveguide.
Nh University
Network Architect
NH University
I have used and continue to utilize Waveguide because of their in-depth industry knowledge and experience in the New England markets. They take considerable pride in their work and do what needs to be done to get the job done timely and efficiently. I strongly recommend the services of Waveguide for any turn-key telecommunications you may have, not just network design & engineering, but for construction and maintenance (aerial, underground, splicing/testing, excavation, conduit placement) as well as utility management & licensing.
Solutions Engineer
Telecommunications Provider
I have worked with Waveguide for over 3 years and during the course of that relationship, Waveguide has done an exemplary job of building out the designed networks in a workmanlike manner, attending to each detail, thoroughly testing and being keenly aware of both budget and timeline while doing so. They have frequently exceeded our already high expectations during this process and their help was instrumental in making these projects a reality.
National Telecommunication
Senior Network Specialist
National Telecommunications Provider
I began working with Waveguide in 1999 when I was a Sr. Project Manager. They provided us excavation, underground and aerial construction, splicing/testing and engineering services. The depth of their industry knowledge, combined with their proven reliability qualifies them to implement and deliver on complex projects. Waveguide’s commitment to their customers and their ability to stand behind their work has enabled them to establish and maintain an exemplary reputation in the industry. I continue to utilize Waveguide because I trust the team member to do the job right and because of the leadership within.
Network Telecom
Sr Manager of Fiber Construction
Network Telecom Provider

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