Utilities have a growing demand for fiber and wireless networks for remote monitoring, sub-station connectivity and reading smart meters. We work with many of the utilities in the Northeast constantly upgrading their fiber plant while understanding the critical nature of the network.

  • "TDS Telecom has had the distinct pleasure of developing a relationship with Waveguide over the last three years while we worked through significant fiber to the home build outs, passing thousands of homes in New Hampshire and New Mexico. Waveguide has done an exemplary job of building out the designed networks in a workman like manner, attending to each detail, thoroughly testing and being keenly aware of both budget and time while doing do. They have frequently exceeded our already high expectations during this process and their help was instrumental in making these projects a reality.  I look forward to having an opportunity to work with Waveguide on future projects."

    Mike Bewersdorf TDS Telecom / Senior Network Specialist

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