On July 30th of 2012, The Maine Fiber Company awarded Waveguide Inc. the Route Survey and Mapping portion of the 3 Ring Binder Project in Maine.  The Maine Fiber 3 Ring Binder Project is a federally and locally subsidized project aimed to expand and provide affordable rural broadband in Maine.  Its purpose is to also anchor institutions like the University of Maine that lack high speed middle mile institutions to connect to the internet, internet2 and their facilities and campuses.  In order for this project to succeed it was determined that 3 contiguous and interconnected fiber optic rings were required to achieve its goals.  The entire footprint of this fiber optic route covered 1100 miles and 30,000 poles throughout rural Maine.

Waveguide’s role in this portion of the project was four fold.  The first task was to validate the route to ensure connectivity and to select the most cost effective path when faced with dual pole lines and heavy make ready.  The second task was to survey all of the poles along the route to capture GPS points and a pole inventory.  The third task was to create individual applications that Maine Fiber could submit to each of the 14 utility companies as well as provide an overall database and map of the 3 Ring Binder route.  The fourth and final task was to complete the project, deliver the product within a maximum of 105 days from project commencement.

When considering the magnitude of a project such as this coupled with a tight time constraint it almost seems insurmountable.  However, Waveguide is very proud to say that we successfully completed the 1100 mile route survey of 30,000 poles in 33 working days.   It was this key factor that allowed us to deliver the product on budget and ahead of schedule.

It is true that budgeting and scheduling are key indicators of a projects success; however another equally important key to success is customer service.  Waveguide continuously strives for excellence in customer service and we are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the customers experience is a positive one.  The following quote comes from Mark Curtis the Director of Field Operations at Maine Fiber regarding Waveguide’s participation in the 3 Ring Binder Project:

“I just want to advise you how impressed we are with the work and support given us by your project manager.  She has been extremely diligent in her approach to the scope of the job.  She has regularly kept me informed of progress in the work, and is not reluctant to tell me when something has gone south and needs attention.

I know she represents a number of other Waveguide staff I don’t see, but that makes them all look good as well. Thanks for your efforts.”

Maine Fiber – 3 Ring Binder Project

Executive Project Summary

  • Route Validation – 1100 miles completed in 7 working days
  • Route Survey – 1100 miles, 30,00 poles complete in 33 working days
  • Milestone 1 – 17 miles between Biddeford and Portland.  Product delivered inside 45 days from project commencement.
  • Milestone 2 – 300 miles between Brunswick and Machias.  Product delivered inside 45 days from project commencement.
  • Milestone 3 – 780 miles throughout rural Maine.  Product delivery deadline was 105 days from project commencement and delivered 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Total number of applications generated for the project 380

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